Vitarich sets historic revenue record of P12 billion


Vitarich sets historic revenue record of P12 billion

April 13, 2023 – Vitarich Corporation (PSE: VITA) achieved historic revenues of P12 billion in 2022, an increase of 23% year-over-year, marking the first time in the company’s 60-year history that annual revenues exceeded P10 billion. All business segments were profitable with strong momentum in the Foods segment.

Rocco Sarmiento, President and CEO, said, “2022 brought many challenges to families and businesses particularly as inflation intensified and food prices rose by double digits. Despite this difficult environment, our team at VITA worked tirelessly and delivered solid revenue growth and improved net income.”

Cost of goods accelerated 23% to P10.9 billion following higher sales volumes and input costs. Key raw materials including wheat, soybean, and corn, which comprised about 70% of feed costs, soared an average of 25%. In addition, price increases in fuel, energy, and labor exerted further pressure on handling costs and the return of some post-pandemic operating costs, such as travel costs.

Gross profit grew 24% to P1.1 billion and operating profit increased 21% to P223.2 million. The impact of cost inflation was partially offset by volume growth, pricing changes, and efficiencies.

Net income reached P129 million with earnings per share of P0.042, up 44% over the prior year.

Looking ahead, the company expects another year of strong revenue growth as well as better margins in 2023, encouraged by an expansion in its sales channels and the positive reception of the recently launched value-added products. At the same time, it remains alert in assessing the risks of persistent higher input costs and supply chain disruptions.

Segment highlights

• Revenues from the Foods segment amounted to P6.2 billion, an all-time high on 48% growth, as the more robust recovery in food services and restaurants lifted demand and the company’s value-added products that were unveiled in November provided some additional support. Volume was up 22% led by demand in Luzon and Mindanao while average prices increased 19%, reflecting significant cost inflation. The Foods segment comprised 52% of overall revenues.

During the year, the segment widened its operations in various areas nationwide—in Luzon: Isabela and Bicol; in Visayas: Samar and Leyte; in Mindanao: Zamboanga City, Bukidnon, Marawi, Sultan Kudarat, and Saranggani. It also launched Cook’s Flavor Origins in November as part of its growth strategy at the retail level. Product offering includes differentiated items such as French Roast, Mediterranean Roast, and South African Roast.

• Feeds revenues grew 11% to P5.2 billion driven by pricing which increased 18% compared to the year-ago period versus input costs of 23%. As expected, price actions had an unfavorable impact on volume which declined 6%. The Feeds segment comprised 44% of revenues.

The segment made significant progress towards operational milestones by increasing the number of distributors, megadealers, and retail feed outlets across Capiz, Aklan, and Central Negros over the course of the year. It also began its multiyear campaign that will establish the brand as “The Specialist in Animal Nutrition.” Another highlight of the year is the introduction of further initiatives that address sustainability opportunities. This included the transition to reusable woven feed sacks from laminated bags in order to manage its product design and lifecycle.

• Farms revenues were down 32% to P529 million due to the shortage of day-old chicks. A fair value adjustment on biological assets amounting to P12.1 million was recognized as part of revenues and P1.1 million as part of cost of goods. The Farms segment comprised 4% of revenues.

About Vitarich Corporation

Vitarich Corporation (PSE: VITA) is a leading poultry integrator and manufacturer of animal feeds and food products in the Philippines. Certified to international standards for sanitation, food safety, and quality, VITA operates in three primary industry segments: feeds, foods, and farms—forging livelihood and nourishing lives. For more information, visit or contact

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