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Global Flavors, Exceptional Taste​

Welcome to a world of flavors with Vitarich’s Cook’s Flavor Origins marinated chicken. Now available in supermarkets near you.

Bring home and experience the flavors of French, Mediterranean, and South African Roast, ready-to-cook marinated chicken.

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Indulge in rich flavors without stretching the budget. Taste the adventure of Cook’s Flavor Origins today!

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Cook’s Fresh Chicken is available in selected supermarkets, nationwide, while most supermarkets with Cook’s Freshly Frozen Chicken and Flavor Origins are in NCR.

  1. We grow our own chicken with full control over the entire chicken production process.
  2. We have Government Certified Dressing Plants, guaranteeing that our processes comply with stringent quality and safety standards.
  3. We blast freeze our Freshly Frozen and Flavor Origins products to lock-in freshness, flavor, texture, and nutrients, ensuring that each bite is as fresh as the day it was produced.

Cook’s products with the Freshly Frozen Seal have all undergone blast-freezing and vacuum-sealing. This means that the product was quickly frozen while still fresh, to lock-in all the qualities we always look for in a fresh chicken.

Cook’s Flavor Origins has a shelf life of up to 6 months when stored at temperatures below -12 degrees Celsius.