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Welcome to
Vitarich Philippines

Founded in 1950, Vitarich Corporation grew to become one of the Philippines’ leading integrators and feeds manufacturer. Later expanded its service to fresh and freshly frozen food production catering to more Filipinos nationwide.

Forging Livelihood, Nourishing Lives for 70 years

Excellence and Care for Others.Vitarich faced and weathered countless storms. It stands tall, unmoved, and determined to follow the directions it had set. This is because this company is armed with an arsenal of people who, with pure grit and perseverance, firmly believe that all tasks at hand can be accomplished if we set our minds to it.Nearing 70 years, we are glad that we are able to continue providing you partnership beyond service.#goingstrongat70#Vitarich

Posted by Vitarich Corporation on Friday, 3 July 2020

Business Opportunities

Vitarich has always been a dedicated partner in helping farmers and food entrepreneurs in their business goals. Become a Vitarich partner today and experience professional service partnered with high-quality products.

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