RM Encoder

  • Coordinates with warehouseman and palletizer for the scheduled loading and unloading.
  • Checks the documents such as DR/Invoice/Packing lists, P.O’s and other pertinent documents to support the receiving or loading of raw materials and supplies.
  • Checks in Oracle if there is available P.O. And issues RMRR/IMRR/BMRR.
  • Instructs the delivery driver to proceed at the truck scale for weighing.
  • Allow weighed delivery trucks inside the designated piles for unloading.
  • Verify the documents (RMRR, IMRR or PGP) if commodities were properly weighed, gross and net tare and figure out its average weight per bag if within the tolerance.
  • Issue transactions receipts, pile cards plate no., RMRR no. and date and record on summary sheet/truck lists.
  • Records all transactions on Oracle system and at the soft copy of registry.
  • Checks the unloaded number of bags per layer of piles for deliveries. Counts the number of bags to be loaded for pick up or shipments.
  • Guide piece workers for proper piling i.e. proper spacing of piles, wooden support and standard height.
Job Location: Luzon
Job Specs: Full Time
Sorry! This job has expired.