Hog Lactating Pellet

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Ground cereals, plant and animal protein sources, vegetable oils, molasses, rice bran, copra meal, wheat pollard, L-Lysine, methionine, L-threonine salt, limestone, calcium phosphate, mold inhibitor, anti-oxidant, toxin binder, enzymes, pellet binder, choline chloride, vitamins, and minerals


Given to pregnant and lactating sows


supply the nutrients needed to meet the demands for embryo attachment and mammary glands development. And ensure the good condition of the sow even after the lactation period


50kg per Bag

BAI Reg. No.


Feeding Guide: 
Uri ng Pagkain Edad (araw)Kabuuang araw ng pagpapakain (araw)Kabuuang pakain kada araw (kg)Kabuuang dami ng pakain (kg)
Gilt Diet (50% breeder feeds: 50% lactation feeds165 - 210 araw493147
2nd estrus - 3rd estrus213.573.5
3rd estrus - 21 araw pagkabulog (service)21242
22 - 100 araw ng pagbubuntis792.3181.7
Lactation feeds101 - 114 araw ng pagbubuntis143.5549.7
Pagkapanganak - 7araw72.416.8
7 araw - pagwawalay ng biik (weaning)234.194.3
Dry period53.5517.75