Business Operations

VITARICH: Rich in History. Rich in Excellence.


Commercial Poultry and Livestock Feeds

Vitarich is the first commercial feed company in the Philippines and has been producing poultry and livestock feeds that adhere to world quality standards since 1950


Integrated Broiler Operation

As the demand for chicken increased, Vitarich was one of the few companies that took the challenge of providing chicken products to the country's growing population through a fully integrated broiler production all the way to further processing and value adding under the Cook's Chicken Brand.


Extrusion Technology

Always on the lookout for the best and latest equipment and technology, Vitarich was the first company to introduce floating fish feeds into the Philippine aquaculture industry and has been considered a leader in this field to this very day.


Outstanding Business Model

As it sees the potential of the Philippines as a major producer of Pangasius fish, Vitarich took the initiative of pioneering a new industry that will give so much benefits for the Filipino fish farmers through the use of a virtually integrated business model that maximizes  benefits and recognizes the core competence of each member of its supply and value chain.

In 2014, Vitarich launched its Cook's Golden Dory brand of Pangasius fish products.


Safe-food and Concern for the Environment

A true Filipino company has a genuine concern for its country's people and environment. Through its Geenovation campaign, Vitarich strives to design processes, systems and products that will help supply safe foods and are not harmful to the environment for sustainable farming. The company complies with International Certification Standards such as ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP as proof of its commitment to quality.


Sharing Expertise through New Services

Today, Vitarich opens its doors to producing and customizing quality feeds for other individuals and companies, sharing its long years of experience in the business with a wider number of industry players, a move that will benefit more Filipinino Farmers.