Business Opportunities

Start a Contract Growing Business

What is contract growing?

Simply put, you rear the chicks. Vitarich harvests the flock and markets the chickens.

If you think about it, contract growing is easier to manage than any other poultry or livestock venture. We take care of the feeds, chicks, and technical services. We even take care of marketing. Better still, you need little initial capital because we shoulder the cost of feeds and chicks. This is exactly the kind of business small- and medium-scale entrepreneurs are looking for.


How does it work?

We provide you with everything you need to start your own business and make it succeed. We provide the day-old-chicks (DOCs), feed support, vaccines, technical services, and other services.

You take care of the housing; labor; power, light, and water; equipment; medication; and other miscellaneous expenses.

Once the chickens are grown, you profit by the kilo. We harvest the flock and sell the chickens.


Why work with Vitarich?

First of all, we guarantee the quality and performance of our chicks.

Vitarich uses the world-renowned Cobb broiler chicks. Cobb broiler chicks are superior to other chicks because:

they have a good initial body weight;
they have an excellent growth rate which means,

they develop stronger immunity faster than other chicks,
they have a lower mortality rate, and
their cost of brooding is lower;

they produce customer-preferred round, double-breasted meaty broilers with short big legs.

From hatchery to delivery, our chicks undergo the strictest quality control. After hatching, the chicks are placed in specially designed plastic crates and are then immediately delivered to your farm. When the chicks arrive, our technical personnel will be with you as you break open the Quality Control Seal to inspect and count the chicks. Were so confident about our Cobb chicks, that youre entitled to reject chicks that are apparently weak due to transport or other factors such as poor climate.


Second, we provide the best support possible.

We provide the best in technical support.

Our technical group is composed of highly qualified farm-trained specialists, each of whom is equipped with everything they need to help you with your needs. These specialists will be with you from the time you think about signing up and all throughout the contract growing process.

Heres what they'll do for you:

Assess the feasibility of the project; Assist you with farm lay-out, poultry building design and construction, and other details that have a direct impact on general flock health and management; Provide you with regular in-plant training sessions for new growers as well as refresher courses for experienced growers; Conduct seminars on the latest advancements in the poultry industry and sponsor drug orientation courses in coordination with veterinary drug companies; Be there to help you before and during the delivery of chicks; Give helpful tips on proper brooding management and ensure the most suitable conditions for chicks acceptance; Conduct regular farm visits to supervise DOC placements, assist you during brooding, deliver AHP and supervise hauling; evaluate flock performance in terms of mortality, feed consumption, weight gain, etc.; Provide vaccines and assist you and/or supervise your workers for proper vaccination techniques and procedures; Formulate a biosecurity program most suited for your farm including vaccination schedules, medication plans, quarantine procedures, disinfection and sanitation practices;
Evaluate the farms performance after harvest and discuss with you possible improvements for better and more profitable operations.

Our technical support group is even prepared to assist you with accounting, recording, and administrative procedures

We also provide logistics support.

Working in close coordination with the Technical Support Group is our Logistics and Support Group which is based in Marilao. Logistics and Support will handle the processing of your application; coordinate prompt feed and chick deliveries; expedite the release of your checks; and take care of hauling finished broilers from your farm to Vitarichs Dressing Plant.

To support both groups, other Departments within Vitarich are always prepared to help. In short, Vitarich has a very efficient and effective contract support system based on its long years of experience and service.


Third, you never have to worry about marketing.

Vitarich handles the marketing of your finished products. So you never have to worry about fluctuations in prices, or competing with other fish products, or where and how to sell your fishes. We take care of all that and, in the process, save you marketing-related expenses.


How do you start?

Lets sit down and talk about it. Visit our office at Marilao today.

Start a Feed Distribution Business



What is it?

Vitarich develops and manufactures high quality animal and aqua feeds.We have a wide range of products available at competitive prices so competitive, in fact, that all you have to do is open your own store or feeds outlet and you're all set to go.


What can we do for you?

Vitarich gives you two ways to make profit.

We'll provide you with all the feeds you can sell at dealers discounted rates and you can determine your profits based on the recommended retail price for your area.
When you hit a certain volume of bag sales, we'll give you additional rebates.



What value-added services do we offer?

If you hit a higher volume, we could help you with our Service Account Officer program where you would have a salesperson in your area assisting you in building your business.
We also provide your clients with technical support free of charge:

After sales technical visits including consultations;
Seminars on farm management and other relevant livestock raising issues; and
Free training for farm personnel.



How to start?

Just get in touch with us and we'll set up a meeting for you with the marketing person in charge of your area.

Start a Food Sales Business


Cook's Chicken is meaty, tasty chicken at its best.

There are two ways to start a Cook's Chicken business:

You can sell Cook's Chicken retail through a market stall, supermarket, meat shop, restaurant, canteen, or concessionaire; OR
You can supply Cook's Chicken to institutional clients.


How do you get started? Just click on the Contact Us button on the rightmost corner of this page.


Start a Hog Farming Business

If you're interested in starting out on hog farming, we're interested in helping you.

Vitarich markets and sells top quality JSR piglets, gilts, and boars. We provide a 24-hour warranty on delivered piglets which are vaccinated against Hog Cholera, Foot and Mouth Disease Virus/Mycoplasma, Haemophilus. Our gilts are vaccinated against Hog Cholera, Foot and Mouth Disease, Virus/Mycoplasma,Haemophilus/Parvo-Lepto-Erysipelas. Our performance-tested boars are vaccinated against Hog Cholera, Foot and Mouth Disease.

Not only will we supply you with the best available livestock, we'll help you through a feeds tie-up program, farm assistance, and pig sales. Our support group is made up of veterinarians and experts trained in all the stages of hog/swine production.

Start a Fish Sales Business


There are two ways to start a Fish sales business:

You can sell the fish through retail like market stall, supermarket, meat shop, restaurant, canteen, or concessionaire; OR
You can supply our fish to institutional clients.